EVOLVED - Software
This is my domain where I host my various projects that I have created whilst using darkbasic pro.
Mapscape 3
Mapscape is a CSG (constructive solid geometry) level editor that has been in development since 2014. I will be continuing with is awesome level editor once the next advanced lighting update has been completed and ready for integration.
Mapscape page

Tree It
Tree it is a free real time 3d tree generator for the creation of 3d tree modles for your apps and games. This is by far my most popular tool with hundreds of users who have downloaded this tool. Exports to .dbp .fbx .obj .x with all model exports are your own creation and you can freely do as you wish with them.
Tree It page
Texture Tool
Although showing its age this texture tool is still a useful tool for creating seamless textures and normal maps.
Texture Tool page
Advanced Lighting
Advanced lighting is a fully real time dynamic lighting system for darkbasic pro. Using deferred rendering as the main pipeline to produce fast results with lots of on screen dynamic lights.
Advanced Lighting page
Can I use your tools or shaders for commercial projects?
This is the most asked question I get. And yes all Tools/shaders can be used for commercial projects, but tools must not be re-distributed.
Where can I contact you?
If you want to ask a simple question, Please ask on the forum. If you wish to keep it private you can email me at EVOLVEDuk@googlemail.com (please note that I no longer reply to "help" requests any more, so please seek help on the forums for the benefit of everyone else).
Where can I get the mapscape or tree It source code?
I have no plans on releasing the source code to either mapscape or tree It.