Tree It is free for evey one, please feel free to donate a small amount towards the hosting of the site if you like tree it or other software I have made over the years.
Tree It is now available to purchase.
Decided to change the site theme a bit so it looks like the forum, unfortunately the drop menus dont seem to work with IE so use firefox.
Finally managed to convert all that I can to GDK, Adv-lighting and cube shadow mapping examples I was unable to convert down to bugs/missing commands.
Advanced lighting functions have been updated they now include LOD terrain and improved water, also renamed all functions to make it easier to read. Going to take a brake from db over the next 2/3 weeks, and will get back to work on map scape in mid march.
Just made an update to map scape Im now looking at adding zoning capabilities.
Finished fixing a load off map scape bugs, I also tried to fix the edging issue with advanced lighting functions as best as I can.
Finally finished adding some features I wanted to add to map scape but there are some known issues of which im trying to fix, Advanced lighting also has an outline issue which I am trying to fix.
Evolved-software.com is now up and runing. Iv re-uploaded all shaders zip files, so they now have executables.